Engagement Photos Aren't Just Pre Wedding Flair

With your wedding not too far away, you might be asking what the point of an engagement session is, "I'm just going to replace all the engagement photos with my wedding ones, anyway... do I really need it?" Short answer: yes! Long answer: not if you already have a bunch of professional photos of you two together... but it's still super nice to have updated pre-wedding photos!!!

Most of my couples comment that they don't have any/many nice photos together. Their first professional photo shoot tends to be their engagement session! Skipping over the fact that engagement photos make for wonderful save-the-dates, sign-in books, wedding decor, etc., you're gonna wanna have a few less formal, professional photos together. Engagement photos aren't just pre wedding flair and your wedding is only one part of your story. Also, it's sooo nice to have lots of beautiful photo options when decorating your home!!! 

If you are fine with the photos you do have and don't mind only having professional photos together in a formal wedding setting, then you probably don't need an engagement session! But let's fast forward a few years, see if you change your mind. The next photography milestones tend to be maternity photos, newborn photos, then family photos years later. At this point I'll usually have met a few family members who say, "Could you take a nice photo of just us two? The only good ones we have are from our wedding!"