Tips to Enjoying Your Engagement Session

Are you feeling a bit nervous about the engagement session? You aren't the only one! For many couples, their engagement session is the first time they'll be taking professional photos together. The task can be a little nerve wracking. There's a lot of pressure! Here's some tips to help have a wonderful time.

First of all, photo shoots are a ton of fun! "But I don't like how I look in photos..." you might be thinking. Most often this is due to lack of direction. A professional photographer is going to pose and offer prompts to achieve the best looking version of you. My clients are pleasantly surprised by how awesome they look in photos, "OMG I'm going to cry! :') I looove theeese!" And I'm over here like :D yayy let's take 500 more!

"You don't understand, Brooke, I do not like getting my photo taken!" some couples say. And I compleeeetely relate to this. I also do not like getting my photo taken! I have had to practice NOT making my weird and creepy smile in photos LOLLL. Best thing to do in this scenario is to literally shake off the nerves, refuse negative thoughts, and try to relax. Don't stress if it takes a few minutes to get into the groove. Think of the beginning as a warm up. It's not uncommon for my top favorites to be taken towards the middle and end of a session! 

Clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup matter, too! Wear something you like and feel great in. Time your engagement session with the hair and/or makeup trial for a more professional look. And don't forget your nails! All this helps boost your confidence which will translate to the photos.

Photo shoots are a whole experience! And a free workout plan hah (we work the quads and obliques!). It makes me happy to give couples the photos of their dreams. They tell me, "I never thought I could look this amazing, wow!" But that's exactly how I saw them already :)