Do I Need a Photographer When I Pop the Question?

The moment is almost here, you are about to propose! Whether it's elaborately planned or something more casual, you might be pondering whether or not you need a professional photographer to capture the moment. Naturally I'm going to say yes! But it really does depend.

The cool thing about photographing proposals is that the moment is pure, beautiful photojournalism. I hardly even need to give direction during the mini session after! Just a "look at each other and smile" is enough to bring forth endless laughter, love, and all their hopes and dreams. There's no pressure, either (since an engagement session is expected later). The atmosphere is very relaxed and exciting. Truly some of the best in-the-moment candids you could ask for!

If you are wanting a more intimate, private proposal or the location is too inconvenient to photograph inconspicuously, then yea, it's probably not going to be affordable or easy to schedule a photographer. But wow, can it be beautiful! This photographer had no idea he was going to photograph a surprise proposal at Hawksbill Crag in Arkansas. Thanks to the interwebs he was able to get in touch with the couple. They now have this gorgeous photo of the beginning of the rest of their lives!

I have seen some good cell phone setups, too. If that's all you've got then you can definitely make it work! The moment itself is magical, and the minutes after like an explosion of happiness. I love photographing those genuine, raw emotions. Surprise proposals are a blast!