Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Photography can be so much more than a bunch of random snapshots arranged in a gallery. It can be art! And art tells a story.

Your vision is greater than "a few nice pictures." You want photos that make you laugh and smile, reminisce of precious memories, cry happy tears, and astound you with their beauty. My purpose is to tell your story. So, how exactly do I do that?

We start with discussing your vision. Tell me your priorities, what you have in mind for the setting and outfits, or any questions/concerns. Add me to your Pinterest boards and send examples of poses you'd love to try! I have lots of ideas, too.

During the session I dual wield two cameras: a wide lens for the environmental shots and a telephoto for that sweet, sweet bokeh. This allows me to quickly cycle through a variety of angles and perspectives. I do not want your photos to all feel the same. Your story is multi-faceted and deserves an array of styles and poses.

The post editing is where your story really comes to life. I build the main gallery with photos that best illustrate your vision. These photos are edited with advanced adjustments, arranged in a storyline, and provided in both color and black & white (or in this case, a beautiful vintage sepia to match his retro Army uniform). And you'll still get the rest of the photos we took because I give you too many photos hah!

Sometimes Clients are shy about expressing their interests or don't know the "right words to say" to get their ideas across. Totally fine! Throw everything you have at me, we’ll work on it together. Your vision matters and I don't want to miss a single part of your story!