Why I Give You Too Many Photos

All of my photography packages yield approximately 100-150 photos per hour per photographer. But I do have a confession to make…. I regularly go over that number. I've even given couples 5,000+ photos from their wedding alone! No one is going to use that many photos. Ever. So why do I include such a huge amount?

My primary goal is to tell your story. I don't actually need a lot of photos to do that, I just like having options. The main gallery looks waaayyy nicer when it's filled with a variety of stunning wide angle shots, intimate closeups, fun candids and romantic poses. But I see no reason why you shouldn't get the Extras, too!

This leads me to my secondary goal as your photographer: documentation. I want to make sure your day is well documented for posterity. This results in a bunch of gorgeous photos that won’t get placed into the main gallery for one reason or another. Sometimes there’s too many similar photos, or I felt another photo told your story better. Either way I want to make sure you have looots of beautiful memories to choose from!

Ok, real talk. The truth is I (1) get a liiiittle over excited when taking photos and (2) can't bring myself to delete great photos you might want later! BUT I do separate the photos for you, so at least you don’t have to go digging through 5,000+ photos for the Photographer’s Favorites :)