Editing Matters - Why I Don't Give You RAW Files

Gonna be honest, only once has anyone ever asked if I provide RAW files. Was this a big deal before I jumped into photography 10+ years ago? It has long since been memed and discussed a million times over... So here's my take for the algorithm!

1. Most of the time a request for RAW files is actually a request for additional photos. If the Client feels unsatisfied with their gallery then they will want to see more photos. This is valid and the exact reason why I give you all the JPEG photos anyway (sans test photos or uncomplimentary photos you will not care for, truuust me). There isn’t a need for RAW files because you already have everything from a well documented day!

2. In a word, RAW files look awful. It is an unprocessed, unedited, and uncompressed photo. Essentially the first sketch to an unfinished painting. As such, shooting in RAW makes for amazinggg editing potential. Because that's what you are paying me for, beautiful photos! But a RAW print ain’t it.

3. Providing an unedited photo is not fair to me nor my Clients. And it's just rude!? We photographers are expected to provide photos in our style. I have my own custom settings to achieve my specific look. Photo taking and photo editing are a necessary package deal for a stunning, finished gallery!

4. Technology compatibility is a huge issue, too. Lots of software can view RAW files... but that doesn't mean it can edit RAW files! It would be a bummer to get stuck with unfinished photos. You'd then have to pay someone (probably meee) to edit the photos.

5. RAW files take up so. much. storage space! I've easily accumulated 150+ gigs of RAW files from a single wedding. That same wedding barely took up 15 gigs in JPEG files! Who's got the space for that!? Besides me with 15+ TB of external hard drives...

6. Non professional photographers are generally unaware of common JPEG export settings for social media, web usage, prints, sharing, etc. Using files that are too low resolution and/or with the wrong color profile could easily make your photo book extremely subpar. I make sure everything is already optimized for you!

7. Finally, there is no culling when handing over RAW files. This one isn't as bad, but who the heck wants to see every awkward eye roll, mouth-full-of-food, and uncomplimentary sneeze-y cough-y photo!? Super unromantic. I sift through all those during editing to only give you the best! 

Culling, editing, exporting, and organizing thousands of RAW files takes a loooot of dedication. You unequivocally do not have time for that. But I doooo!!! #NetflixandEditing XD