The Photos I Don't Give You (BTS)

In a set of 2,000+ photos, there's bound to be a few funny ones. I'm sure you can imagine the accidental mouthful-of-food candids, the "bored photographer" test shots (it's RBF I swear), or the hilarious bloopers of inebriated guests doing inebriated things..... One time I took the Bride & Groom out for night photos only to discover an uncle sleeping off Tequila shots in the bushes behind them LOLLLL ended up having to Photoshop his feet out of every photo.

Some photos can be saved with a quick adjustment. A few of the test shots here were given to the couple – even added to the main story – after cropping myself out. Other photos are only of use for behind the scenes content. The unusable, unsalvageable photos get deleted: accidental photos of the floor, too under/over exposed or blurry test shots, photos of people in between facial expressions (eye rolls, awkward smiles, you get the idea). 

I want your gallery to be full of complementary photos relevant to you. The test shots of me being silly and photo bombing the second photographers do not fit the criteria.... As can be seen in the above video “What I think I look like photographing weddings vs what I actually look like…” hahahaha!