How I Became a Photographer

I remember the exact moment 16 year old me fell in love with photography. My family was vacationing in Maui, Hawaii. We had just finished our first day of scuba diving and were admiring Dad's underwater photos. "Hmmmm," I thought, "That looks kinda fun..." I asked if I could try out the camera on our second dive day. Years later my Dad commented that he knew I would be a photographer because, "Your photos were so much better than mine!" His scuba photos are great, though. I don't know what he's talking about haha. Here's a couple for comparison: he photographed the Garibaldi and I the Spanish Dancer eggs case.

That same year my parents gave me a point-and-shoot for Christmas. It was my pride and joy! I fell so in love with photography, eventually going on to graduate CSU Sacramento with a B.A. in Photography and Magna Cum Laude honors in 2012. I interned with a few San Diego professionals before having the honor of photographing my first wedding in 2013. There was nooooo going back after that!!! It was the missing puzzle piece to my career; I would a wedding photographer.

It took a LOT of hard work to build my company, and I'm super proud of myself! Thank you Mom and Dad for being my biggest cheerleaders :) I've been a full time photographer since 2016 and have photographed hundreds of weddings, portraits, and events throughout southern California and San Diego County. I've worked with models, bands, brands, actors and artists, photographed fine art, wild animals, and the stars, driven over almost every road in California, traveled throughout America, and visited Japan and Mexico. This feels like the best job ever. I love it!!!!