Formal Photos List Ideas

Two things that will be ingrained into you on your wedding day are: (1) weddings go late and (2) having a complete formal photos list is a total lifesaver!

I make sure to stay flexible throughout the day because weddings do regularly go late. It’s normal and it’s ok! However, you will see my more assertive, Greek personality come out during the formal photos. There is typically not a lot of time to take those so we need to be fast and efficient. If you don’t decide what you want beforehand then twice the time may be needed to take the same amount of photos. Therefore, we need to create a complete formal photos list!

Scroll down for the recommended formal photos list included in my Suggested Photography Checklist wedding forms. This is a great place to start. Most couples find that this list is exactly what they wanted. Other groupings sometimes added are with sponsors, extended family grouped by last name, generational photos, special traditions, etc. I will prioritize your finalized list. Guest requests can be taken at the reception. If you end up with too many groupings then we'll need to add additional time after the ceremony or take some photos earlier.


It is highly recommended to let family and friends know when and where they will be needed for photos. This helps speed up the process and keeps everyone organized. They will be glad for the communication! The officiant can also make an announcing after the ceremony. Something akin to, "Cocktail Hour will now begin. Family and wedding party please stay for formal photos. Everyone else, let's go have a drink!"

Extended Family Photos (aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc.)    

☐        Bride/Groom with Officiant    

☐        Bride/Groom with all Grandparents    

☐        Bride/Groom with all of Bride’s family                     

☐        Bride/Groom with all of Groom’s family    


Immediate Family Photos (parents, siblings, and their spouses and children only)

☐        Bride/Groom with Bride's parents, siblings and their spouses and children      

☐        Bride/Groom with Bride's parents and siblings

☐        Bride/Groom with both sets of parents

☐        Bride with Bride’s parents      

☐        Bride with Mom          

☐        Bride with Dad

☐        Bride with siblings      

☐        Bride/Groom with Groom’s parents, siblings and their spouses and children      

☐        Bride/Groom with Groom's parents and siblings         

☐        Groom with Groom’s parents 

☐        Groom with Mom       

☐        Groom with Dad         

☐        Groom with siblings

Wedding Party Photos

☐        Bride/Groom with Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower Girl, and Ring Bearer  

☐        Bride/Groom with Flower Girl and Ring Bearer          

☐        Bride/Groom with Bridesmaids and Groomsmen        

☐        Bride/Groom with Maid of Honor and Best Man        

☐        Bride with Bridesmaids           

☐        Bride with each Bridesmaid individually        

☐        Bride alone     

☐        Groom with Groomsmen        

☐        Groom with each Groomsman individually    

☐        Groom alone   

☐        Bride/Groom photos   

☐        Bride/Groom sunset photo      

☐        Bride/Groom night photo (1 hour after sunset)