Your Wedding is Going to be Amazing!

I need you to know, right now, that your wedding is going to be amazing! It's truly going to be one of the best days of your life. Years later couples often tell me, "I wish I could go back and do it all over again, it was sooo much fun!"

The most awesome weddings I've photographed where the ones that had a good amount of pre planning. Most likely not everything will go 100% exactly as you want for every single second of the day, and that’s ok. Proper preparation is essential to having that "best day of our life" feeling. I've even done weddings that had to be swiftly scheduled that went perfectly! It’s all in the planning and preparation.

So if you are sifting through your wedding binder wondering if all the hours of research is worth it, if anyone will notice the end results, if it will even make a difference... Let me offer you some encouragement :)

You. Are. Doing. Great! Getting the wedding vision together is not an easy task, yet you are accomplishing it splendidly. There’s so much less stress on the wedding day if you iron out the details in advance. You’ll be free to enjoy yourself and have a blast. Yes, it all does matter! And your wedding is going to be amazing!